October 12, 2013

Desert European Motorcars Ltd of Rancho Mirage is Bad Business! Avoid doing business with this company!

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Desert European of Rancho Mirage is Bad Business. Gary Whitaker of Desert European is Bad Business!

We’ve been paying our car insurance for 6 straight months, in the event of an accident, this company’s denies all responsibility due to mishandling of paperwork. VW credit (our second responsible insurance) notified us that the car we are driving is NOT INSURED! How could that be? Why didn’t they pull this car out of our hands like any other dealers. Why didn’t they notify the DMV and ask for us to insure the car, or they will suspend license.

Due to not informing VW credit and Geico.. Geico denied our claim in the event of an accident. Both parties are claiming that we were paying for the car we traded in 6 months ago.

We found the mishandling of paperwork when the car we traded showed up in our credit report as open with balace (after 6 months) VW and Desert European denied all claims. This is a leased car, how could it be not insured, and what happened to our payment of 6 months. Desert European’s bad business behavior will need to be exposed publicly to avoid future victims. Gary Whitaker, the General Manager of Desert European Motorcars of Rancho Mirage will not admit the misfiling of paperwork.

We ended up paying $9,000 out of pocket repairs to our car. Don’t let this happen to you. Our experience with this company will need to be told online and the rest of the world. Drive out of town and get your precious European car like Aston, Audi, Jaguar, Range Rover somewhere else! Don’t try reaching out to Gary Whitaker, the general manager — it’s a complete waste of time and cellphone minutes.

Desert European is bad business for mishandling paperwork and gouging customers. Desert European is bad business for not notifying the bank and denying responsibility.

October 11, 2013

Photo: Proof of my auto insurance. Geico: You’re denied despite of your payment

Geico auto insurance is bad business. People oughta know!!! Hello, BB Admin. We recently received a 6-page letter from Geico denying our auto insurance claim. Please post this company.. <removed> Jason Jared from Geico — the current claim adjuster denied our claim. Below you will see an image of my proof of insurance via letter of ‘Declaration page from Geico stating June 4 - December 4, 2013′ Accident occurred in June 6. “GEICO is bad business” will remain in our site until matter is resolved with consumer. Geico auto insurance is bad business, stay away -PissedConsumer

July 22, 2013 is bad business!!! is bad business! Online junk keeper that charges consumer to clear crap! Oh’ wait. Reporting will stay even if you pay them. What a load of sh*t! RIPOFFREPORT.COM! I salute you for being the bad/worst online business out there!

November 12, 2012

Bad business decisions from the owner of Branchville motors vespa dealer & piaggio.

Bad business decisions from the owner of Branchville motors vespa dealer & piaggio.

A member of our scooter club bought a brand new/leftover scooter and was paid in full. Drove away from the dealer, just got into Wilton, where the scooter broke down! Keep in mind the scooter was new and only had 7miles on it.

The member was so patient that it has been in the shop for three weeks!

The owner should have made a good decision to swap the machine out or refund the money, instead of trying to figure out the mechanical/electronic issues.

The time spent trying to solving the problem and time spent chasing Piaggio for a special tech, should have been worth a swap or refund!

A Piaggio tech was assigned to find the problem. Now Piaggio Company is involved in the warranty work and order the part that is needed.. Only the part was never overnighted, now its two more weeks waiting.  More run around with Piaggio and dealer who is blaming who for the mistakes!

This poor person spent the money and paid in full, the money is locked up and the consumer is suffering with no product!

Poor business decisions.

Piaggio & Branchville motor should be following Stew Lenorads policy

Rule: 1

The customer is always right!

Rule: 2

If the customer is wrong, reread rule #1

I can’t tell you what to do; Please don’t do business with Branchville motors vespa dealer.

Shippers Choice, Newport News, VA is bad business

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Shippers Choice
Fax: 757-896-1159

1) in a truck that has no ac at times when it was 90 degrees on up we had to drive
2) other people from previous classes were interrupting our class drive time
3) there was only one instructor assigned to my class  which consisted of six people only plus two to four extra personnel from previous classes.
4) when riding in the road truck (which consisted of 4 to 5 students a trip) there was NO PROTECTION from being in an accident in the back of the vehicle
5) my instructor didn’t teach me anything about driving, basically I had to teach myself
6) students who was taking this class as a refresher course had a lot more drive time then the students who didn’t know how to drive (I was lucky to get 15 to 25 minutes of driving time)
7) before we take test we were given the answers prior to it, I don’t feel like I was learning anything
8) there was one instructor and he took personnel to test on every Thursday while I was in class…most times my class was dismissed early.
9) my instructor taught me how to back only one time, after that I had to get other students to teach me.
10) I failed my DMV test over minor errors that could have been prevented if my instructor would have taught me how to drive the right way….. Plus they gonna charge me an extra $100 on the driving part of the test that I took with a DMV tester on August 2, 2012 and I couldn’t retest until August 30th and I couldn’t practice until two days prior to the test date which will be on August 28th. I believe this is setting me up for failure to repay another $100 because I don’t get the quality time I need with my instructor because another class has started  by then and then I don’t get to train in three weeks or more…
11) I feel basically that I wasted a lot of money from not being trained as a student should.
12) some days we were cut short of our time to practice driving because the instructor was burnt out by having to attend to the students of previous classes needs during me and my classmates time.  We were basically sent home early because it was too hot to drive.
13) In the third week of being in the class, shippers choice received a used 2004 Volvo truck, our class was told that we will not be training on this truck which have ac because we started in the previous road truck….this truck was to be used by the next class.
14) there was not appropriate ac in the class
15) after I got to know the staff, they had no hospitality
16) when the road truck broke down, the students did the labor to fix the problem while the supervisor over the instructor just looked and watched the students do it- all it needed was the oil filter to be tightened
17) the yard truck used for backing only I had to wait for on most days due to students from previous classes having to be refreshed on the backing
18) the gearshift in the old road truck was so worn that I was told its best to shift from fourth gear to sixth gear—IM PROPER TRAINING!
19) ALL community colleges that I have contacted for obtaining my cdl say that they train on ten speeds….equipment at shippers choice is out of date
20) I don’t think it’s fair to be in a training vehicle with people smoking mixed with non smokers.

Riverpark Apartments on 1110 Old Knoxville Hwy, Sevierville, TN, rips people off. Officials do nothing.

Riverpark Apartments on 1110 Old Knoxville Hwy , Sevierville, TN,37862 , mgmt incompetent, cruel towards disabled tennants,keeps return deposit. No noise ordianace for kids in 2nd or 3rd floor apartments.

Local government has no building inspection enforcement. Roaches and mold in lower apartments.

October 17, 2011

Ann Pallo of is bad business - run web companies

Ann Pallo of Georgia is bad business, Anndroid Interactive aka CTO, Founder, CEO - Shame on you Ann, April, etc. for blaming us for your own mistake. Ann Pallo aka April Pallo is a good example of the bad side of social media. Ann Pallo from Atlanta, Georgia slanders web companies for her mistake.

August 3, 2011

Poll: 77 percent say Obama, Congress acted like ’spoiled children’ in debt fight

Poll: 77 percent say Obama, Congress acted like ’spoiled children’ in debt fight

By Michael O’Brien - 08/02/11 10:27 AM ET

President Obama and leaders in Congress behaved like “spoiled children” in the debt-ceiling debate, the vast majority of Americans said in a new CNN poll released Tuesday.

U.S. adults expressed a sour opinion toward all the players involved in reaching an agreement that includes two phases of spending cuts in exchange for raising the nation’s borrowing authority, which came at the end of weeks of rancorous debate.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans said elected officials in Washington had behaved like “spoiled children” in their recent dealings with the debt ceiling; just 17 percent said that they had behaved like responsible adults.

The House approved the debt deal struck over the weekend in a bipartisan vote on Monday; the Senate is expected to follow suit early Tuesday afternoon.

But the deal isn’t necessarily popular: Fifty-two percent of Americans said they disapproved of the agreement, based on what they had heard of the accord. Forty-four percent expressed approval.

May 22, 2010


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After moving to a new apartment my Wife and I decided to give Verizon FIOS a chance after seeing their ads on bundles.  We called on our move in day, a Tuesday.  They must have been busy, because we were on hold for 41 minutes.  We decided to call back.

When we did we were greeted with a pleasant 15 minute wait time and finally a customer service rep.  She seemed very enthusiastic and we were immediately disarmed by her good nature.  We signed up for the Bundle for Internet, TV, and Phone.  We also agreed to get the DVR.  Life was good, and we were looking forward to our new service.

2 weeks later a Verizon technician arrived to install our service.  I had to take the day off to wait for him, which I did for about 6 hours, but that happens with everyone, right?  No biggie.  I welcomed this gentleman into my home, grimacing at his muddy shoes on my carpet, hoping that he would be in and out as quickly as possible. 

3 hours later my Television and Internet were up and working.  He started packing up his tools (I was helping!  Get out now!) when he mentioned to me that everything was good to go, with the exception of my phone.  He explained to me that my phone lines were set up incorrectly and that I would have to get my maintenance department to re wire my phone lines in my apartment. 

I remember thinking “what a hassle”, and I asked the technician if I was able to correct the issue would he be able to come out an install my phone?  He told me to call Verizon and make an appointment with service installation. 

He left.  My TV worked great, my internet was blazing fast.  So I was missing a phone.  So what?  I’ll get it fixed within the week.  Right? 

40 weeks later, it was still not fixed. Here’s the timeline:

1 week) I had my maintenance department go through my phone lines and learned something interesting: the previous tenant had Verizon Fios and his phone worked just fine.   

2 weeks) I had a friend of mine who is a fiberoptic and telephone wiring technician take a look at my lines.  He told me that they worked fine, and demonstrated this by hooking up a machine that showed each outlet worked great.

4 weeks) I call Verizon.  They set up a time for a technician to come out.

6 weeks) After waiting all day, no technician shows.  Call Verizon.  Put on hold, hang up after 30 minutes.

7 weeks) Call Verizon, service center tells me they will send another technician out, tell me there will be ANOTHER service charge.  No Way!  I’m not paying for another service appointment!  They claim they will open a ticket to research my issue and call me back.

10 weeks) Still no call.  Call Verizon because I cannot see my bill online anymore and do not receive paper statements, yet I’m still paying them through my banks Bill Pay site.  Verizon is unable to help me because I do not know my account number.

11 weeks) I pretty much give up.

18 weeks) I call Verizon and ask them to cancel the phone that I have been paying for.  The customer service rep tells me that they need to open a ticket to research the issue.  I tell them I will HOLD while they look it up. 

18 weeks and 3 hours) After speaking to 4 different account reps I have a resolution.  They will Cancel my phone line and refund my money in the form of credits to my account, beginning on the next bill cycle.  I’m satisfied with the resolution.

22 weeks) My account has been credited but I am still paying for the phone service.  Again I call, again I’m on hold, again my account is credited and I am assured the phone charges will not be applied again.

30 Weeks) I receive a credit to my account and my bill pay tells me nothing is due.

32 weeks) I receive a check in the mail from Verizon for refund for excess charges.

39 weeks) My service is shut off due to non payment.  I call Verizon, am put on hold for an hour, reach a customer service rep.  I explain the situation.  She transfers me to a rep in the finance and collections department.  She pulls up my account by name / address and DOB (since I do not have my account number).  She tells me I have missed 2 months payment and owe them near $400.  I explain that I have been credited and do not know which payment I have missed.  She explains that she will open a ticket to research the issue (!!!!!!!!!!!)  I have to fax proof of payment to Verizon.  I ask to be transferred to someone who can assist me with canceling this god-awful service.  She “politely” transfers me to a dead line that hangs up on me.

I finally get through to the customer retention department.  They are very clever:  they use names such as “Mr. Smith” and “Mr. Wainwright” to hide their identities to avoid negative feedback and confrontation.  And their supervisors are all conveniently out to lunch (even at 10:30 in the morning).  “Mr. Wainwright” is unable to assist me because I do not know my account number.  He tells me very not-so-politely that if I don’t know it then I “have a problem” and I “should always know your account numbers.”  I ask again to be transferred to a supervisor.  He transfers me to a dead line.

The next day I received a call from a Verizon Account Supervisor.  She tells me that my account is past due (which still makes no sense).  I asked her to give me some information on cancelling my account (contract should be up in 2 months!  Thank you LORD!).  

You know what she told me?  When I had CANCELED my phone service (that they could not install for me!) I was automatically signed up on a NEW BUNDLE CONTRACT that does not expire for another 7 months.  I’m pretty sure that is ILLEGAL.  “Slamming”, maybe????  She said she would open a ticket to research my issue and call me back.  No Lie. 

Verizon opened up numerous “tickets” to research the “issues” that I experienced.  Not one of them resolved correctly.  I can’t say I’m optimistic about this last one.  My entire experience has been battling to be served CORRECTLY.  I made my payments, paid for more than I was receiving, and never once complained about it.  However, as soon as I start asking some questions the answers become more and more veiled, the responses are sharper and harsher, and the staff is suddenly incompetent and outright mean.

VERIZON is cheating its customers and practicing illegal contracting.  They want to charge me over $600 to get out of my contract.  Be WARY of this type of practice!  Be WARY of Verizon.  I have been paying over $160 a month for a DVR , TV, and Internet and have been screwed around every corner of the block.  I can get the same service for HALF from a competitor if I could only get out of my contract!!  They can only cheat the little people if we let them!  They will NOT be receiving another dime from anyone I know!  I’m vowing to keep Virginia CLEAN of Verizon scum.  You should too.

April 23, 2010

Complaint Against Yampa Valley Medical Associates

So I needed to be seen by a doctor for a semi-serious condition that arouse out of nowhere.  I called the office of the doctor I had seen before to make an appointment, and they had no record of me ever being seen there (even though I had bills from them).  I made an appointment for 10:00 AM with the same doctor I had seen months before.  When I arrived at the building in which I had seen the doctor months before, I was told I wasn’t in their computer system and that there are actually two doctor Peterson’s, one in each building, and I was in the wrong building.  This means when i asked to be seen by the same doctor, they set me up with the other one by mistake that has the same name.  So when I arrive at their other building that is attached to the hospital, they have no record of me having an appointment, or anything about me at all in their system.  When I asked the woman for the third to simply look at the appointment schedule for the doctor, she finally confessed that I was a different name and she couldn’t give me the name.  She looked at all the information on this person and looked baffled for a while.  Finally her supervisor came over and I learned that this person that had the appointment at the SAME time as me with the SAME doctor, almost (except for a few letters) SAME last name, with the SAME birth date, and finally being seen for the SAME thing.  Well to wrap this up quickly I wasn’t able to see a doctor because they were waiting for some person who doesn’t exist to come in, because he had made the appointment.  I have had nothing but headaches with this group, they are completely disorganized.

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