May 2008 | Bad Business
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Loma Linda “Practicing” Medicine on My Son

go to link My son was born in October of 2002 with a syndrome that caused him to have an underdeveloped right ear, two holes in his heart, and a tiny, narrow trachea.  Loma Linda physicians failed to identify his tracheal defect, despite our panicked insistence that he couldn’t breathe, and they planned to wait “until he turned

Costly Credit Report

see "Free" credit report strikes again -- AAA Advantage is a scam. Free credit reports are not free.  My husband unknowingly committed us both to charges of $11.95/month by requesting a free credit report from  It's no wonder they can afford those annoying commercials. "Free" credit report strikes again!  AAA Advantage is a so-called free credit

Southern California Edison Gougery The slogan of Southern California Edison should be: "Because You Have No Choice."  You can't survive without their service, and they're a monopoly, so they basically have you cornered.  Worse, if you bounce a check twice with them, they'll make you pay your bill in cash, in person, and then require you to pay an $1800

Proactiv Problema

The TV ads for this product are so convincing that I finally decided to try it.  I went to their website and chose the $19.95 trial set, not realizing that I was in fact signing up for their "Clear Skin Club."  (What a joke, but more on that later.)  I was so hopeful when I