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Loma Linda “Practicing” Medicine on My Son

My son was born in October of 2002 with a syndrome that caused him to have an underdeveloped right ear, two holes in his heart, and a tiny, narrow trachea.  Loma Linda physicians failed to identify his tracheal defect, despite our panicked insistence that he couldn’t breathe, and they planned to wait “until he turned

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Costly Credit Report

"Free" credit report strikes again -- AAA Advantage is a scam. Free credit reports are not free.  My husband unknowingly committed us both to charges of $11.95/month by requesting a free credit report from  It's no wonder they can afford those annoying commercials. "Free" credit report strikes again!  AAA Advantage is a so-called free credit

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Southern California Edison Gougery

The slogan of Southern California Edison should be: "Because You Have No Choice."  You can't survive without their service, and they're a monopoly, so they basically have you cornered.  Worse, if you bounce a check twice with them, they'll make you pay your bill in cash, in person, and then require you to pay an $1800

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Proactiv Problema

The TV ads for this product are so convincing that I finally decided to try it.  I went to their website and chose the $19.95 trial set, not realizing that I was in fact signing up for their "Clear Skin Club."  (What a joke, but more on that later.)  I was so hopeful when I

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