You are partners with – bad business and asshole! partners with – bad business and asshole! reviews reviews from – don’t partner with – he is toxic and absolute asshole!

Company mentioned here is partners with Tim Noonan owner of is bad business. Tim Noonan is out there to intimidate people and cause stress. Well, we believe it’s your turn asshole.

We are in a mission to expose a blogger who’s mission is to intimidate people and cause stress. Look below to see a snapshot of his website: mission is bad business mission is bad business

Sometimes, you have to experience your own mission in life and see if it’s worth pursuing.

We are here to tell the world that this blogger is toxic and anyone he partners with, works with, deals with, will be posted at

We will only remove your company name if you part ways with this bad blogger and remove contents  from your pages with Tim Noonan or any post referring to Send an email to bitch @ and we will review for revision. It’s your call!

Tim Noonan’s website name “rogue” is actually perfect. Except roguing on the web and being a complete asshole can really fire back at you.

One of the comments from his blog is “Dunning and Kruger” manifesto — I believe this commenter don’t have a single clue how the web works, it’s screaming AARP!

Do you even know what really matters on the web? If you don’t – then I suggest that you stay in your box.




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